The Ministry of justice is the Legal arm of the State Government, primarily concerned with the administration of justice and rendering legal advisory services. It is service delivery ministry that focuses on being a support to the executive arm of Government as a whole. Its mandate include:

  • Legal Advice to the Government
  • Legal Drafting of Executive Bills, Memos, Contracts and Agreements
  • Initiating and Prosecuting Criminal Cases for and on behalf of Government
  • Initiating and Defending civil suits for and on behalf of government
  • Aiding the indigent with their Civil Cases through Mediation
  • Law reporting, Revision and Review
  • The Administration of Estates
  • Collective Punishments
  • Administration of justice (Excluding the discharge by the courts of their Judicial Functions and Appointments of Judges and Magistrates)
  • The submission of questions to the Executive Council relating to: The Initiation, conduct and discontinuance of criminal proceedings
  • Monitoring delivery of justice, initiating reforms and coordinating Cross Organizational Relationship within the justice Sector


To create a landscape that will align with the mandate of the ministry to enable access to justice in a fair, affordable, speedy and equitable manner.


To strengthen the operational capacity of the Ministry of justice to provide quick and efficient justice delivery.


Physical Address: Three Arms zone Independence Layout, Enugu

Phone Number: 07066658555

Email Address: [email protected]