• Urban and mass Transportation
  • Vehicles inspection
  • Enforcement and operation of traffic laws and rules
  • procurement and distribution of government plate numbers
  • Registration and documentation of government vehicles
  • Registration, accreditation and monitoring of driving schools
  • Drivers training, testing and certification
  • Design, maintenance and traffic light installation
  • Traffic monitoring, surveillance and decongestion
  • Regulation of traffic on bus stops
  • Design/maintenance of bus stops
  • Road safety signs and markings
  • Accident inspection and court evidence


To provide safe reliable and functional Transport System for sustainable socio-economic development of Enugu State.


To ensure unlimited movement of people, goods and services across the state while giving prompt attention and proactive action to all transportation matter in partnership with the stakeholders.


1 Courier Permit Registration 24 Hours N150,000 i.     Submission of application from the company to the Hon. Commissioner Ministry of Transport, Enugu.
ii.   Inspection of the Company.
iii. Payment of the sum of N150,000 into Enugu State (IGR).
iv. Collection of Enugu State IGR. receipt from Ministry’s Accounting Department.
v.   Processing of approval letter from the HOD (MT & PT).
vi. Collection of the approval letter by the another (applicants).
2 Registration of Government Owned Vehicles 1 Day i.  Submission of application from MDAs to the Ministry of Transport, Enugu.
ii.   Inspection of the Vehicle involved.
iii. Generating of Government number.
iv. Registering of the vehicle in the general Register.
v.   Issuance of the Government number to the vehicle
3 Registration of Mass Transit Operators 1 Week N30,000 i.  Location of the Mass Transit Operator.
ii. No of Vehicle in the fleet.
1.   Writing application from the company to Ministry of Transport.
2.   Inspection of Location of the Mass Transit Operators.
3.   Approval of the Mass Transit Operator.   
4.   Evidence of Payment into the Enugu State IGR opening of the Mass Transit Operation.
5. Issuance of Certificate of operation.   
4 Renewal of Mass Transit 1 Day 50% of Registration. Evidence of registration of Mass Transit with Ministry of Transport, Enugu.
5 Registration of Motorcycle and Tricycle Permit   1 Day N6000 1.    Vehicle particulars. 1.      Evidence of Payment.
2.      Filling of riders permit form.
3.      Inputting information of the rider in the system.
4.      Physical Fiscal capturing and thumbprint of the rider.
5. Printing & issuing of the permit card.
6 Registration of Buses. 1 Hour N8000 1.      Vehicle particulars.
2.      Drivers Licence.
3.      Owners Identification.
4.      Two passport photograph.
1.   Evidence of Payment.
2.   Physical Inspection of the Bus by VIO.
3. Inscripting and Inspection of security No (Route No) on the Bus.
7 Drivers Proficiency  testing 30mins Evidence of payment from board of Internal Revenue. 1.   Testing the ability and proficiency to drive.
2.   Oral testing using highway code.
Issuing of Certificate.
8 Vehicle Road Worthiness Testing 1 Hour Evidence of payment from board of Internal Revenue. 1.      Vehicle to be tested will undergo several mechanical and electrical performance test.
2.      Worn-out parts are advised to be replaced.
3. Road Worthiness Certificate issued.  


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